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Services of the Federal Employee Relocation Center (FERC)

Our Services

The FERC provides full-service relocation management dedicated to supporting the recruitment, retention, and relocation of your most important asset: your people.

We offer full-service relocation management or relocation program consulting services.   Our program is flexible to meet your needs and delivers superior customer service for both domestic and international moves.

Full service relocation management includes:

  1. Full cost consultation with Program Offices & Human Resources
  2. Full entitlement and pre-move counseling with employee
  3. Employee relocation program planning & coordination (end-to-end)
  4. Electronic creation of the employee travel authorization & vouchers
  5. Centralized shipment & storage of household goods
  6. House-hunting trip coordination
  7. Comprehensive Home Sale & Home Purchase Program (Buyer’s Value Option, Amended Value, Guaranteed Home Sale)
  8. Home Marketing Incentive Payment (HMIP) Program Assistance
  9. Expedient reimbursement [payment] of expenses & auditing
  10. Electronic expense management & reporting
  11. Records management
  12. Issuance of W2’s & RITA vouchers
  13. Managed customer service help-desk


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